Where to find cheap websites for sale?

There are many places online to sell websites for free. If you are looking to sell a website you will need to know exactly how much to ask for it, there will be no guarantee you will make what you ask. Also you will need to have contracts in place for the exchange of terms. Without that, you could be taken for an amateur, and a buyer may try to take advantage of you. No matter what the case, it is possible to sell websites for free, although it might not be recommended.

When you sell a website, you need to have a price already in mind. That means that you need to have the website evaluation already underway, and proof that your website is really worth that much. When you get an evaluation done, or if you do it on your own, you will know what areas of your website are worth more than others. Then when you list your website for sale, you can argue your reasons. This will be good for two reasons. One, it will give you confidence in your listing price; and, two, it show a buyer that you do in fact know what you are talking about. Credibility will give the buyer confidence that they are not investing in potential spam, although chances are they will have already performed an analysis on your website before they make a serious offer.

Having contracts in place allows you to be ready for anything. Many websites for sale sell within the first 24 hours they are listed, so make sure you are prepared if that happens. Otherwise, you could back track your sale for weeks, causing the buyer to lose interest and possibly go in another direction. Be prepared and you will impress them with your authority.

Many people that buy websites and domains already know what they are looking for, and although you may have a set price in your mind, they know the market and have a budget that they have to follow as well. Keep this in mind and trust your gut when it comes to selling. If someone agrees with your price right away, you are probably offering too low of a price, if you get no offers, reevaluate how you came to that price in the first place. Look at what other websites are going for, especially those similar to yours in size and traffic. This will give you the best idea as to what you should be asking. There are many free listings that show websites that have recently been sold, so getting this information should not be difficult. A lot of the times the statistics will be listed and you will be able to see what is trending. This may also offer you areas that you can improve your website and in turn get more than you thought you would be able to. There is always room for improvement, and if you can make small changes that have big impacts, that could add several hundred dollars to your website value.